Hindu Baby names starting with 'U'

Hindu Baby names starting with U - 700 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hindu Baby names starting with 'U' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Uba The Wealthy Boy
Ubadah Servant of God, Worship Boy
Ubaid Faithful Boy
Ubayy One with High Self Esteem Boy
Ubhay Boy
Ubika Growth Girl
Ubriani Boy
Ucchal The Mind, Understanding, Perception Boy
Uchit Right, Correct Boy
Uchita Right Thing to do Girl
Udadhi Ocean Boy
Udai The Rising, To Rise Boy
Udanda Nemesis of evils and vices Boy
Udant Correct message Boy
Udapi God, One who Attains Success Boy
Udar Generous Boy
Udara Great Boy
Udarchis Lord Shiva Boy
Udari Kindhearted Person Boy
Udarsh Brimming Boy
Udath Kingly, Gentle Boy
Udatta God is One Boy
Uday To Rise, Appearance, Ascend, Rise, Sunrise Boy
Uday Tej Rising Sun Boy
Udaya Rising Sun, Dawn Boy
Udayachal Eastern horizon Boy
Udayaditya Sunrise Boy
Udayagiri Mountain of Sunrise Boy
Udayalaxmi Groth of Lakshmi, Surya Girl
Udayan Rising Up, Rising, Name of King of Avanti Boy
Udayant Risen, Virtuous Boy
Udayarani Rise Girl
Udayashree Dawn Girl
Udayasri Girl
Udayavani Goddess Saraswati Girl
Udaybhan The rising Sun Boy
Udayraj Rising king, Lord of stars, Rising King Boy
Udbal Mighty Boy
Udbala Strong Boy
Udbhav Rising with Glory, Origin Boy

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