Hindu Baby names starting with 'R'

Hindu Baby names starting with R - 2141 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hindu Baby names starting with 'R' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Raadha Wealth, Success, Lightning, Krishnas Love Girl
Raadhika Lord Krishna's Girlfriend, Form of Radha Girl
Raag Music, Tune, Voice, Musical Boy
Raaga Belongs to music terms, Melody Girl
Raaghav Lord Rama Boy
Raagini A melody, Music, Passionate about Music Girl
Raaheel Traveller Boy
Raahi Traveller, Traveler Boy
Raahul Son of Buddha Boy
Raaisha Leader, Goddess Girl
Raaj Kingdom Boy
Raajaa King Boy
Raajan King Boy
Raajeev Blue Lotus Boy
Raaka Direction, Full Moon Girl
Raakesh Lord of the Night Boy
Raakhee A Bond of Love Girl
Raakhi Symbol of protection Girl
Raakin Respectful Boy
Raam Lord Rama, God, Supreme Spirit Boy
Raashi The sign of the zodiac, Collection Girl
Raavee Awesome, Sun Boy
Raavi Sun, River Boy
Raaz Secret Boy
Rabab White Cloud Boy
Rabah Gainer, Story Teller Boy
Rabani Divine, God's Favourite Child Girl
Rabek God is One, Boy
Raben King of All, Intelligent, King of all Boy
Rabhu Skillful, Prudent Boy
Rabhya Worshipped Girl
Rabi Spring, Breeze Boy
Rabia Famous, Godly, Spring, The Fourth Female Girl
Rabinder Lord Sun Boy
Rabindra Early Morning Boy
Rabindran Boy
Rabinesh God's Pet, Gods pet Boy
Racchpal Boy
Rach To Form Boy
Rachana Creation, Creater, Writer, Construction Girl

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