Hindu Baby names starting with Q

Hindu Baby names starting with Q - 46 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hindu Baby names starting with Q - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Qabid Good Boy Boy
Qabil Son of Adam, Acceptor, Next, Able Boy
Qaddam Leader, Prince, King Boy
Qadim Ancient, Antique, Old, Primitive Boy
Qadir Skilful, Capable, Brave, Courageous Boy
Qahhar Dominant Boy
Qaisar King, Emperor Boy
Qalam Pen Boy
Qamar The Moon, Satellite Boy
Qarin The Ocean Boy
Qasim Divider, One who Divides, Distributor Boy
Qatadah Tree with Hard Wood, A Hardwood Tree Boy
Qays Firm, Hard Boy
Qazi Judge, Justice Boy
Qira Generous Girl
Quamar The Moon Boy
Quaneisha A Combination of the Prefix Qu and Neisha Girl
Quantran Lord Sun's Child Boy
Quasim Old Generation Boy
Qudamah Courage, Courage Origin Arabic Boy
Queeni Mermaid Girl
Quentin From the Queen's Land Girl
Quetzali Hyper Girl
Quincy Like a Queen Girl
Quity A Beautiful Girl Girl
Quraish Earn, Gain, Ancestor of Prophet Mohammed Boy
Qurban Martyr, Sacrificed, Offering Boy
Qutaiba Irritable, Impatient Boy
Qutub Tall, Pivot, Pole, Axis, Celebrity Boy
Qutubuddin Creator Boy
Quzam Violent and Quick Boy
Qush Strong Boy
Qarun Soul, Self Boy
Qidam Boy
Qubul Accepting Concurrence Boy
Qutuz Type of Rock Boy
Qaabiz Man Boy
Qabbab Strong Deer Boy
Qabsat Fish Boy
Qaimaq Cream Boy

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