Hindu Baby names starting with 'O'

Hindu Baby names starting with O - 211 names available with meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hindu Baby names starting with 'O' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Obuli Name of a Hindu God Boy
Odaka Boy
Odan Cloud, Grain Cooked with Milk Boy
Odathi Refreshing, Owner Girl
Odhavji Lord Krishna Boy
Odika First Son Boy
Oditi Dawn Girl
Oeshi Divine, Rose, God's Precious Gift Girl
Ogaan United Boy
Ogan Wave Boy
Ogha Sea, See Boy
Oha Meditation, True knowledge Boy
Ohas Praise Boy
Ohm Primordial Sound Boy
Oindrila Another Name for the Wife of Indra, Girl
Oishi Gift of God, Divine, Rose Girl
Oisin Little, Freckled, Divine Boy
Oja Vitality Boy
Ojal Vision Boy
Ojan Wave, Assembles, United Boy
Ojas Shine, Full of Light, Body Strength Boy
Ojasvi Brave, Bright Boy
Ojaswani All day singing Girl
Ojaswi Lord Shiva, Bright Boy
Ojaswin Powerful, Radiant, Lustrous Boy
Ojaswinee Brightness Boy
Ojaswini Lustrous, Bright Girl
Ojaswita Brightness Girl
Ojes One who Rides a Chariot Boy
Ojesh Light Boy
Ojis Teej ojisvi Boy
Okal To Cross Boy
Okoth Born when it was Raining Boy
Okya Brave, Air Boy
Olevia Leaf, Like olive Girl
Oli Courageous, Elf Army Boy
Oma Life giver Boy
Omaira Awesome, Star, Red Girl
Omaja Result of spiritual unity Girl
Omala Earth Girl

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