Hindu Baby names starting with N

Hindu Baby names starting with N - 1802 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hindu Baby names starting with N - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Nadhamuni Naradha Maharshi Boy
Nadhinee River, Girl
Nadhir Warner Boy
Nadhiya Simple, Soft Girl
Nadia Caller, Moist, Tender, Delicate, Hopeful Girl
Nadim Friend, Companion Boy
Nadin Lord of rivers, Ocean, Lord of Rivers Boy
Nadira Rare, Precious Boy
Nadish God of river, Ocean, Hope Boy
Nadiya Hope, Generous, Successful, The beginning Girl
Nadja Hope Girl
Nadni Gift of Sun Girl
Nadra Rare, Unique Boy
Nadwa Council Boy
Naeem Comfort, Ease, Tranquil, Benevolent Boy
Nafi Useful, Benificiant, Propitious Boy
Nafrin Negotiable Girl
Nagabhushan Snake Phani, King of God Boy
Nagabhushana One who has serpents as ornaments Boy
Nagabhushanam God Shankar, Lord Shiva Boy
Nagachandra Lord Shiva, Lord of Snake, Father of Snake Boy
Nagadhar Who have Snake Ornament Boy
Nagaiah Lord cobra Boy
Nagaja Daughter of a Mountain Boy
Nagajothi Snake, Diomand light of snake Girl
Nagakanti Tree Name Girl
Nagalakshmi Central Girl
Nagalata Snake Goddess Girl
Nagamani King of Diamond, Gem of Serpents, Naga Girl
Nagamma Nag devta, Song, Tune or a melody Girl
Nagammai Mother of Snake Girl
Nagamuthu The Begining, First Girl
Naganand Son of Naga Boy
Naganandini Mountain born Girl
Naganath Snake, The king of serpents Boy
Nagandra King of Black Cobra Boy
Nagappa Father of Snakes Boy
Nagappan Boy
Nagaraj King of Snakes, King of Cobras Boy
Nagaraja King of the Serpents Boy

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