Hindu Baby names starting with L

Hindu Baby names starting with L - 749 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hindu Baby names starting with L - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Lasa Week Boy
Lasaki Sita, Made of lac Girl
Lashika Goddess Laxmi, Girl
Lasik Tender Heart, Girl
Latafat Elegance Boy
Lataka A Sage Boy
Latangi Slim Girl, A Creeper, A creeper, Slim girl Girl
Lateef Gentle, Kind, Pleasant Boy
Lateefa Gentle, Kind, Fine Boy
Lateesha Love Girl
Latesh New, Warrior, Boy
Lathika Elegant, Happiest Person, A Small Creeper Girl
Latif Gentle, Pleasant, Caress or Gentle Slap Boy
Latika Related to Rose, Darling Name Girl
Laul Pet Boy
Lavali Close, Clove Girl
Lavalika A small vine Girl
Lavan White, Handsome, One of Obidence Boy
Lavana Handsome Boy
Lavanay Handsome Boy
Lavangee With Fragmented Body Girl
Lavani Grace Girl
Lavanis Softness Boy
Lavanya Beauty Boy
Laveena Loveable, Lord of Beauty, Purity Boy
Laven Fragrance, Lord Ganesh Boy
Lavenia Purified Girl
Lavesh King, Lovable, God of Love Boy
Lavi Lion, Combined, Brave, Lovable Boy
Lavik Intelligent, Goddess Durga Boy
Lavika That Matters Boy
Lavin Fragrance, Lord Ganesh, Lord Ganesha Boy
Lavina Mother of the Romans, Woman of Rome Girl
Lavit Lovely, Small, Lord Shiva Boy
Lavith Lord Shiva Boy
Lavli Loveable Girl
Lavonn Cute Boy
Lavy Love Girl
Laxman Lord Rama's Brother, Auspicious Boy
Laxmidas Servant of Goddess Lakshmi Boy

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