Hindu Baby names starting with L

Hindu Baby names starting with L - 749 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hindu Baby names starting with L - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Lalan Nurturing Boy
Lalana A Manly, A Boy, Beautiful woman Boy
Lalat Name of a Raag Boy
Lalatendu The third eye of Lord Shiva Boy
Lalchand Red Moon Boy
Lali Blushing, Darling girl Boy
Lalika A Slender, Graceful Woman Girl
Lalil Evening Sun Flow Boy
Lalima Beauty, Wife of Vishnu, Redness Girl
Lalit Attractive, Lord of Krishna, Beautiful Boy
Lalita Beautiful Woman, Variety, Beauty, Talkative Girl
Lalith Beautiful, Intelligence, Sharpness Boy
Lalitha Gold, Beautiful Boy
Lalithakumari Wife of Vishnu Girl
Lalithambika Goddess Durga Girl
Lalitya Soft, Gentle, Beautiful, Loveliness, Grace Boy
Lalkrishna Child Krishna Boy
Laloo Innocent Boy
Lalsa Want, Desire Girl
Lalu Lovely, Beloved, Dear One, Love, Red Colour Boy
Lamees Soft to the Touch Girl
Lamha Time Girl
Lamika Goodess Laxmi, Lucky Girl
Lamita Slim Girl, A Creeper Girl
Lamiyah Lustrous Girl
Lamya Sweet Lips, Dark-lipped, Of Dark Lips Girl
Lander From the Grassy Plain, Laundry-man Boy
Lani Angel from Above Girl
Lanka Chilli Boy
Lankesh Enemy of Lord Rama, King Ravana, Ravana Boy
Lapaya Lord Ganesh Boy
Lara Famous, Well-known, Cheerful, Light Hearted Girl
Laran The Psychic Powers and Abilities of the Comyn Caste Boy
Laranda Divine Light, Lamp, Graceful, Peaceful Girl
Laranya Graceful, Goddess Laxmi Girl
Larika Beautiful and Intelligent Girl
Larina Affection, Soul, Sea Gull, Protection, Girl
Larisa Cheerful, Beautiful, Light-hearted Girl
Larona Rainbow Girl
Larshan Stands for Peace, Chinese Zodiac, Boy

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