Hindu Baby names starting with I

Hindu Baby names starting with I - 580 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hindu Baby names starting with I - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Induj Mercury, Planet, Mercury planet Boy
Induja Narmada river Girl
Indukala Moonlight, Digit of the Moon Boy
Indulal Moon's Lustre, Moons luster Boy
Indulala Moon light Girl
Indulekha Moon, The Moon Girl
Induma Moon, The Moon Girl
Induman Boy
Indumat Respected by Moon Boy
Indumatee Full Moon Girl
Indumathi Full Moon Boy
Indumati Full Moon Girl
Indurekha Full Moon Girl
Indusekhar Lord Shiva Boy
Indushekhar Crested Moon, Like a Moon Boy
Indushree Moon Light, Lord Chandra (Moon) Girl
Inesh King of Kings, A strong king Boy
Inesha Strong King Boy
Inganam Knowledge Boy
Iniavelan Sweetest boy Boy
Inika Small Earth, Little earth Girl
Iniya Sweet Girl
Iniyan Sweeties, Sweet, Sweetie Boy
Iniyavan Pleasant natured Boy
Inkit To Keep in Mind, To Point at Something Boy
Innah Inside Boy
Innuganti King of Kings Boy
Inoday Sunrise Boy
Inshaf Equity, Justice Boy
Insuvai A common name given for all sweets Girl
Intakhab Election, Last Dream Boy
Intazar Waiting, Expectation Boy
Intekhab Chosen Boy
Intisaar Triumph Boy
Inu Charming, Lovely, Handsome, Attractive Boy
Ipil Stars, Which have Own Light Boy
Ipsha Desire, Iksha, Wish Girl
Ipshita Desired, Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Lakshmi Girl
Ipsit Desired Boy
Ipsita Goddess Lakshmi, Desired, The Desired Boy

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