Hindu Baby names starting with I

Hindu Baby names starting with I - 580 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hindu Baby names starting with I - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Indiresh Vishnu Boy
Indivar Blue lotus Boy
Indiwar Knowing so Much Boy
Indiya Knowledgeable Boy
Indrabala Indra's Daughter Girl
Indrabha With the Shine of Indra Boy
Indradat Attract Boy
Indraja Born of Indra, Daughter of Indra Boy
Indrajeet Lord Indra, Conqueror, Conqueror of Indra Boy
Indrajit India, Conqueror of Lord Indra Boy
Indrajith Who has Won Lord Indra, Brave Boy
Indrakant One who Conquered Indra Boy
Indrakshee Eyes Like Indra Girl
Indrakshi One with beautiful eyes Girl
Indran Lord Indra Boy
Indranee Wife of Indra Girl
Indraneel Emerald or Sapphire, Emerald Boy
Indraneela Sapphire Girl
Indrani Wife of Indra Girl
Indranil Sapphire Boy
Indranila Blue as Indra, Sapphire Boy
Indrapal Boy
Indrarjun Bright and brave Indra Boy
Indrasen Eldest of the Pandavas Boy
Indrasena The Army of Indra, Boy
Indrashis Blessing from Indra, King of Gods Boy
Indratha Power and dignity of Indra Girl
Indravadan Lord Indra's Name, Lord indras name Boy
Indravan Another Name of Kukuthsu Boy
Indravarman Protected by Indra Boy
Indravathi Excellent, First, God of the skies (1) Boy
Indrayan Boy
Indrayani The name of a sacred river Girl
Indresh Lord Indra, God Indra Boy
Indrina Deep Girl
Indriya Senses, Organ of Sense or Action Boy
Indrojit Another Name of a Sage Shounak Boy
Indubala Little Moon Girl
Indudeep The Moon Boy
Indudhar Name of a God, Eashwar Boy

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