Hindu Baby names starting with I

Hindu Baby names starting with I - 580 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hindu Baby names starting with I - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Ilyas A Prophet's Name Boy
Imaan Faith, Belief, Faithful, Believer of Faith Boy
Imaani Trustworthy, Faithful, Honest, Truthful Girl
Iman Name of a Raga, Faithful, Respect, Faith Boy
Imaran Strong Boy
Imay Independent Nature Boy
Imla Whom God will fill up Girl
Imon Priority Boy
Impal Strong, Boy
Imran Prosperity, Father of Moses Boy
Imroz Today Boy
Ina Lord Surya (Sun), Illuminate, Light Up Boy
Inaam King of the Earth, Reward, Favour, Prize Boy
Inaki Warmth feeling Girl
Inakshi Sharp eyed Girl
Inari Place Name for Lake in Finland, Shrimp Girl
Inas Capable, Sociability, Able, Strong, Bold Boy
Inaxi Name of Star Girl
Inayat Concern Attention, Kindness, Loving, Bounty Boy
Inbam Capable, Sociability Girl
Inban Enjoying Person Boy
Inbaraj King of Happiness Boy
Inbavalli Happy Girl Girl
Indali Powerful Girl
Indaresh Lord Vishnu Boy
Indeevar Blue lotus Boy
Indeever Blue lotus Boy
Inder The God of Weather and War Boy
Inderjeet Conqueror of Indra, God's Triumph Boy
Inderjit Conqueror of Indra Boy
Indermohan Charm of the Lord Boy
Inderpal Protector of All, Protector of God Indra Boy
Indhu Moon Girl
Indhumathi Goddess Parvati, The Ganges, Fair Girl
indi Born in India, Indian Girl
India River, Name of a Country, Body of Water Girl
Indira Goddess Lakshmi Boy
Indiradevi Trustworthy Girl
Indiran Sun Boy
Indirani Goddess of the Sky Girl

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