Hindu Baby Names

37638 Hindu Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 37638 Hindu Baby names to name your baby on 2022.

Hindu Baby Names | 37600+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Abhinandan Congratulations, Greetings, Felicitous Boy
Abhinav Rock Star, Innovative, Creative Boy
Abhinava New, Young, Fresh, Modern Boy
Abhinay Art of Expressing Acting, Expression Boy
Abhinaya Expression, Expressions Boy
Abhinithi That which is already been performed Girl
Abhiniti Gesture, Friendship Girl
Abhipsa Strong desire, Wish, To Know about God Boy
Abhipsha Wish, Desire, Strong desire Girl
Abhir Mighty One, Single, A cowherd Boy
Abhira Cowherd, A cowherd Boy
Abhiraam Lord Shiva, The most handsome, Pleasing Boy
Abhiraj Fearless king, Regal, Bright, Fearless King Boy
Abhiram Wonderful, Handsome Boy
Abhirath Great charioteer Boy
Abhiri A Raagini of indian music Girl
Abhiruchi Beautiful Girl
Abhirup Pleasant Look, Pleasing, Handsome, Pleasant Boy
Abhirupa Pleasing Form, Handsome, Charming Boy
Abhisar Companion Boy
Abhisarika Beloved, The beloved one Girl
Abhisek Ritual or Installed as a King Boy
Abhisha Goddess of will, Companion, Sky Boy
Abhishek Blessing Boy
Abhishikta Installed on a Throne Girl
Abhishree To enlighten, Brilliant, Powerful Girl
Abhisri To enlighten, Brilliant, Powerful Boy
Abhit Fearless Boy
Abhitha Fearless, Goddess Parvati Girl
Abhithi Fearlessness, Fearless (Goddess Parvati) Girl
Abhra Cloud Boy
Abhram Steady, Clear Boy
Abhranti Without Error Girl
Abhu Unborn, Nonexistent Boy
Abhya Fearless, Towards the fire Girl
Abhyuday Progressive, Progress, Sunrise, Elevation Boy
Abhyudaya Rising, Sunrise, Elevation, Increase Boy
Abij Seedless Boy
Abijah The Lord is My Father, Gift of God Boy
Abilash Wish, Desire Boy

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