Hindu Baby Names

37638 Hindu Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 37638 Hindu Baby names to name your baby on 2021.

Hindu Baby Names | 37600+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Aanya Different, Goddess Durga, Graceful Girl
Aapeksha Passion, Being passionate Girl
Aapt Reliable, Trustworthy, Faithful Boy
Aapti Completion, Fulfilment, Conclusion Girl
Aapu Breath Boy
Aara Adoring, Light bringer Girl
Aarabhi Musical, Raaga, Famous Note Girl
Aaradhak Worshipper of God, Worshipper Boy
Aaradhana Respectable, Worship, Prayer Girl
Aaradhaya Regard Boy
Aaradhya Worshipped, Worship Boy
Aaral Flower Girl
Aarani Beautiful Girl
Aarashi First Ray of Sun, Heavenly, Rice, Queen Girl
Aarathi Ritual Girl
Aarati Towards the Highest Love for God Girl
Aaratrika Dusk Lamp Below Tulsi Plant Girl
Aarav Peaceful, Good Personality, Lord Ram, King Boy
Aaravi Peace Girl
Aarchi Sunrise, Comic, Ray of light Girl
Aarib Fortunate, Handsome, Healthy Boy
Aarin Mountain strength Girl
Aarini Adventurous Girl
Aarish First Ray of Sun, Smart Boy
aarit One who Seeks the Right Direction, Boy
Aaritra Navigator Boy
Aariz Respectable Man, Intelligent Boy
Aarman Desire, Wish, A wish, Desire (1) Boy
Aarna Goddess Laxmi Boy
Aarnav Ocean, Sea, , Stream, Wave Boy
Aarnavi Heart as big as ocean Girl
Aarnes Red Silk Boy
Aaroha Always Ascending Boy
Aarohi Musical Note, Tune, A Music Tune, Lucky Girl
Aaron Exalted One, High Mountain, Light Bringer Boy
Aarsh Crown, Saint, , Pavitra, Pure (1) Boy
Aarthi Worship, Gift for God Girl
Aarti Form of Worship, Prayer, Worship to God Girl
Aaruna Sun, The one with Aruna as his charioteer Boy
Aarupa Moon faced, Goddess Lakshmi (1), Beautiful Girl

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