Hebrew Baby Girl names starting with M

Hebrew Baby Girl names starting with M - 218 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hebrew Baby Girl names starting with M - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Madalen From the Tower
Madalyn From the Tower, Woman from Magdala
Madalynn Woman from Magdala, From the High Tower
Maddalena Magnificent, Place Name
Maddie Woman from Magdala, Form of Madeline
Madelaine From the Tower
Madelena From the High Tower, Woman from Magdala
Madelene From the High Tower, Woman from Magdala
Madeline One who is Elevated, Woman from Magdala
Madelyn High Tower, Woman from Magdala
Madelyne High Tower, Woman from Magdala
Madlin Place Name
Madonna My Lady
Mady From the High Tower, Form of Madeline
Magda High Tower, Maiden
Magdala Tower, Greatness, From the High Tower
Magdolna From the High Tower, Place Name
Mahala Woman, Tenderness, Marrow, Tender Affection
Mahalah Tender Affection, Disease
Mahalia Affection
Mahela A Women
Mahelia Tender Affection
Mahira Superemely Talented, Gifted, Expert, Lively
Mahla Friendly
Mahlah Infirmity, A Harp, Pardon
Maia May, Source of the Month May
Maidel Maiden, Young, Unmarried Woman
Maighdlin Place Name
Maija Beloved, Bitter
Maire Irish Form of Mary, The Perfect One
Mairin Star of the Easy
Malca Queen
Malene Magnificent, Of Magdala
Malia Beloved, Sea of Bitterness, Industrious
Malina Tower, Dark, Name of a River, Honey
Malini Sweet, Fragrant, Florist, A River
Malka Queen, Princess Blessed by God
Malkah Queen

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