Hebrew Baby names starting with Y

Hebrew Baby names starting with Y - 83 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hebrew Baby names starting with Y - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Yaakov Supplanter, Held by the Heel Boy
Yachel Boy/Girl
Yachna Sing, Prathna, Establishes, Pleading Girl
Yadid Friend, Beloved Boy
Yadira Friend, Worthy, Suitable Girl
Yael Mountain Goat Boy
Yaffa Beautiful, Lovely Girl
Yago Supplanter, Form of Jacob Boy
Yair He will Enlighten Boy
Yakira Boy/Girl
Yakov Held by the Heel, Form of Jacob Boy
Yamin Towards Right Boy
Yan Rock, Cliff, God's Grace, God is Gracious Boy
Yanira Gift from God Girl
Yanis Blessing Girl
Yaniv Boy/Girl
Yann Boy/Girl
Yanni Form of Yannis, Gift of God Boy
Yannis Gift of God, The Lord is Gracious Boy
Yara Little Butterfly, The Bright Light Girl
Yarin Boy/Girl
Yaron He will Sing, To Sing Boy
Yashawn Boy/Girl
Yashiv Lord Shiva Boy
Yasmin Sweet Smelling, Jasmine Flower Girl
Yasmina Jasmine Flower Girl
Yatniel Boy/Girl
Yavin Boy/Girl
Yedaiah Boy/Girl
Yedida Friend Girl
Yedidah Friend Girl
Yehoshua Leader, God's Help, God is Salvation Boy
Yehuda Exalt, Praised, Son of Jacob and Leah Boy
Yehudi A Man from Judah, A Jew Boy
Yehudit Praise Girl
Yemena Beautiful Girl
Yemima Boy/Girl
Yemini Girl
Yerachmiel Loves God Boy
Yeriel Fame Boy

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