Hebrew Baby names starting with L

Hebrew Baby names starting with L - 140 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hebrew Baby names starting with L - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Laban White Boy
Lael Belonging to God Girl
Laila Sweetheart, Night Beauty, Nocturnal Girl
Laili Nightfall Girl
Lailie Born During Light, Nightfall Girl
Lakeisha Combination of La and Keisha, Woman Girl
Lamese Soft to Touch Boy
Lashawn Boy/Girl
Lashonda Boy/Girl
Latif Gentle, Pleasant, Caress or Gentle Slap Boy
Lavan White, Handsome, One of Obidence Boy
Lavi Lion, Combined, Brave, Lovable Boy
Lavon Boy/Girl
Layla Dark Beauty, Wine, Intoxication Girl
Lazare The Lord will Help, My God has Helped Boy
Lazaro Help of God, The Lord will Help Boy
Lazarus Flame, Fire, God is My Help Boy
Lazer God has Helped Boy
Lazzaro God will Help Boy
Leah Weary Boy
Leanna Boy/Girl
Leatrice Weary, Tired, Delicate Girl
Lee Dweller Near the Wood or Clearing Girl
Leea Weary, Tired Girl
Leesa God's Promise, God is My Oath Girl
Leeya To Take Girl
Leia Tired, Weary, Meadow, Delicate Girl
Leila Dark as Night, Black, Night, Night Beauty Girl
Leilah Born at Night, Night, Dark Beauty Girl
Lemmy Devoted to God, Diminutive of Lemuel Boy
Lemuel Beloging to God, Devoted to the Lord Boy
Leo Brave, Lion-bold, Brave People, Lion-man Boy
Leon Brave as a Lion Boy
Leor My Light Boy
Leora Light Girl
Leron The Song is Mine, The Circle Boy
Levana White, Moon, Shining White One, Rising Sun Girl
Levene A Flash, Lightning Girl
Levi United, Combined, Attached Boy
Levia Combine Forces Girl

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