Hebrew Baby names starting with K

Hebrew Baby names starting with K - 44 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hebrew Baby names starting with K - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Kabira Nobel, Greatest, Powerful Girl
Kadan Friend Boy
Kaelah Keeper of the Keys, Pure Girl
Kailyn Laurel, Keeper of the Keys, Pure Girl
Kalai Wrist, Nallavan Boy
Kaleb Boy/Girl
Kalil Crown, Wealth, Bosom friend, Good Friend Boy
Kalin Combination of Caleb and Colin Girl
Karim Generous, A Title of God Boy
Karmen Fruitful Garden, Orchard, Song Girl
Karun Kind, Merciful, Gentle, Compassionate Boy
Katia Pure, Form of Catherine Girl
Kayla Pure, Variation of Kay, Keeper of the Keys Girl
Kaylee From Kay and Lee, Beloved Girl
Kaylynn Combination of Kay and Lynn Girl
Keanna Boy/Girl
Kedma Towards the East Girl
Keesha Life, Woman, Great Joy Girl
Keisha Her Life, Woman, Alive and Well, Great Joy Girl
Kelil Boy/Girl
Kelila Crowned, Crown of Laurel Girl
Kenan Buyer, Owner, Possession, Archaic Boy
Keoni Boy/Girl
Kerim King Boy
Kesean Boy/Girl
Keshawn God is Gracious Boy
Ketifa Flowering Girl
Keturah Incense, Sacrifice Girl
Kezia Superficies, The Angle, Cassia Girl
Keziah Jobs Second Beautiful Daughter Girl
Khamani Useful, Worth Boy
Kivi Boy/Girl
Kizzie Boy/Girl
Koppel Boy/Girl
Koresh Boy/Girl
Kunik Kiss Boy
Kyjuan Boy/Girl
Kyla Lovely, Crowned, Narrow, Beautiful, Graceful Girl
Kyle Narrow, Channel, Strait, Near the Chapel Boy
Kana Name of a Demi God, Plant, Youthful Boy

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