Hebrew Baby names starting with C

Hebrew Baby names starting with C - 50 names available with name meaning. Browse all the names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hebrew Baby names starting with C - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Cain Craftsman, Warrior's Son, Spear, Archaic Boy
Caine Gatherer Boy
Cal Courageous, Adorable, Well Known, Awesome Boy
Cale Dog, Bold, Surname Derived from Charles Boy
Caleb Messenger, Bold, Courageous, Faith, Devotion Boy
Canaan Merchant, Trader, That Humbles and Subdues Boy
Carma Garden or Field of Fruits, Song, Garden Girl
Carmel Boy/Girl
Carmela Garden, Form of Carmel, A Vineyard Girl
Carmeline Golden Girl
Carmella Golden Girl
Carmelle Fruitful Orchard Girl
Carmelo Garden Boy
Carmina Song, Garden, Orchard, Vineyard Girl
Carmita Song, Rosy, Garden, Vineyard Girl
Carmo Boy/Girl
Cayla Like God, Crown of Laurel Girl
Cephas Boy/Girl
Chai Life, Victory, Triumph Boy
Chaim Life, Crooked Boy
Chaka A Lark Girl
Chana Favored, Grave, Graceful Girl
Chanah Grace, Form of Hannah, Gracious, Merciful Girl
Chanda God's Compassion, Fierce, Passionate Boy
Channah Boy/Girl
Chanoch Devoted, Initiating Boy
Chanya Beautiful Girl
Charlotte Little and Womanly, Tiny and Feminine Girl
Chava Life-giving Boy
Chaya Alive, Living, Lustre, Beauty, Shadow, Life Girl
Chayim Life, Alive, Living Boy
Che Name of Lord Shiva / Vishnu Boy
Chelle One who is Like God Girl
Chere Darling, Beloved, Cherry Girl
Chevonne The Lord is Gracious Girl
Chhaya Shadow Girl
Chiraz Light Girl
Clarice Bright, Clear, Similar to the Latin Clara Girl
Coby Supplanter, Variant of Coburn Boy
Cohen Boy/Girl

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