Hebrew Baby Names

3037 Hebrew Baby names available with meaning. Browse all the 3037 Hebrew Baby names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Hebrew Baby Names | 3000+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Gender Like
Gaby God is My Strength, God's Able-bodied One Girl
Iva A Climbing Evergreen Ornamental Plant Girl
Jackleen Supplanter Girl
Kay Rejoiced Girl
Dijon God is gracious Unisex
Eitan Strong and staunch Boy
Eoin God is gracious Boy
Eran Form of aaron, meaning Boy
Messiah Anointed Unisex
Ahab Father's brother Boy
Bethel God's home Girl
Coos Following after Boy
Daewon Gracious God Boy
Duci Woman from Magdala Girl
Ehud Allied Boy
Elah Oak or turpentine tree Unisex
Elspet Promise of God Girl
Erez Cedar tree Boy
Evron Bearing fruit Boy
Galileo Born in Galilee Boy
Genette God is merciful Girl
Ichabod Glory gone Boy
Jean-charles God is merciful Boy
Jean-baptiste John the Baptist Boy
Joannes God is merciful Boy
Kefir Lion cub Boy
Mahulena Woman from Magdala Girl
Manos God with us Boy
Methuselah To bring death Boy
Meyshawn God is merciful Boy
Mossie Birth giving Girl
Nannie Gracious, merciful Girl
Omen To be faithful Boy
Shell Which man is like God? Girl
Yaalon He will rise up Boy
Yaeshawn God is merciful Boy
Yoni God gives Boy

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