Hawaiian Baby Names

472 Hawaiian Baby names available with name meaning. Browse all 472 Hawaiian Baby names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Aaron Exalted One, High Mountain, Light Bringer Boy
Abbott Father Boy
Abel Breath, Highborn and Steadfast, Child Boy
Abie Father of Many, Diminutive of Abraham Boy
Abijah The Lord is My Father, Gift of God Boy
Abira Strong Girl
Abner Father of Light Boy
Abraham Faultless Boy
Abram Exalted Father Boy
Adam Red Earth, First Human Being Boy
Addo Happy, Ornament, King of the Road Boy
Adelaide Noble Girl
Adine Noble, Tender, Delicate, Brightness Girl
Adlai My Witness, Refuge of God, My Ornament Boy
Adley The Just, Judicious Boy
Adon Lord Boy
Ahe Boy/Girl
Aheahe Boy/Girl
Ailani Boy/Girl
Aitan Fights of Possession Boy
Akamai Boy/Girl
Akamu Boy/Girl
Akoni Boy/Girl
Alani Peaceful, Serene, Dear Child Boy
Aliza Joyous, Happiness, Faithful, Pious, Honest Girl
Amiel People of God Boy
Amos A Burden, To Carry, Strong Boy
Anakoni Boy/Girl
Anke God has Shown Favor, Grace Girl
Anne Grace, Favour, God is Gracious Girl
Anuhea Boy/Girl
Aolani Cloud from heaven Girl
Aoloa Boy/Girl
Aouli Boy/Girl
Araminta Lofty Girl
Ari Lion, Brave, Inner Skin, Eagle, Lord Vishnu Boy
Armon Castle, French Form of Herman, Army Man Boy
Arnon Rushing Stream, Torrent Valley Boy
Asa Healer, Like, Similar to, Doctor Girl
Asher Blessed, Fortunate, Lucky, Happy, Felicitous Boy

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