Hawaiian Baby Names Starting with 'I'

Looking for a unique Hawaiian Baby name starting with 'I'? Browse our collection of over 15 names and find the perfect name for your little blessing.



♂️ - Boy Name, ♀️ - Girl Name

Name Meaning Gender Like
Iakopa Boy/Girl 🖤
Iekika Boy/Girl 🖤
Ikaika Boy/Girl 🖤
♀️ Ilana Sunshine, Tree Girl 🖤
Ioane Boy/Girl 🖤
Iokepa Boy/Girl 🖤
Iokua Boy/Girl 🖤
Iolana Boy/Girl 🖤
♂️ Isaac Laughing One, Laughter Boy 🖤
♂️ Isaiah The Lord Helps Me, God's Helper Boy 🖤
♂️ Israel Contender with God Boy 🖤
♀️ Ivana God is Gracious Girl 🖤
Iwalani Boy/Girl 🖤
♀️ Iva A Climbing Evergreen Ornamental Plant Girl 🖤
♂️ Ikaia God delivers Boy 🖤

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