Greek Baby Girl Names

1940 Greek Baby Girl names available with meaning. Browse all the 1940 Greek Baby Girl names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Greek Baby Girl Names | 1900+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Aara Adoring, Light bringer
Adara Virgin, Beauty, Fire, Noble
Adelaide Noble
Adonia Beautiful, Feminine of Adonis, Attractive
Adria Dark, The Adriatic Sea Region, From Adria
Adriana Dark and Rich, Woman from Hadria
Adrianna Dark, Woman from Hadria, Dark One
Adrianne From Hadria, Dark
Adrienne Dark One
Agace Good
Agatha Good
Agda Good, Honorable, Kind
Agnes Pure, Chaste, Holy, Goddess of Mary
Agness Chaste, Pure
Agneta Fire
Agnieszka Pure, Holy, Chaste
Agnus Holy, Chaste
Agote Pure, Virginal
Aileen Light, Fair Haired Beauty, Bird
Aileene Hazelnut, Little Bird, Desired, Life Giving
Aina Mirror, Lightning, Beautiful Eyed Woman
Aindrea Female Version of Andrew, Brave
Airlia Ethereal
Alaina Dear child
Alana Bringer of Hope, Admirable
Alanna Fair
Aldora Noble
Aleece Of the Nobility
Aleecia Nobility, Variant of Alice
Aleena Soft, Silk of Heaven, Beautiful
Aleethia Noble, Kind, Truth
Alejandra Helper and Defender of Mankind
Aleka Helper and Defender of Mankind
Aleki Feminine of Alexander
Aleksandra Defender of Man
Alena Dear Child, Torch, Goddess Durga
Alessa Helper of Mankind
Alessandra Defending Men, Defender of Mankind
Alessia Defender of Mankind

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