Goddess Sita Baby Names

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♂️ - Boy Name, ♀️ - Girl Name

Name Meaning Gender Like
♀️ Bhaumi Earth, Goddess Sita Girl 🖤
♀️ Janaki Wife of Lord Rama Girl 🖤
♀️ Janki Another Name of Goddess Sita Girl 🖤
♀️ Lasaki Sita, Made of lac Girl 🖤
♀️ Maithili Sita, Goddess Sita Girl 🖤
♂️ Mrunmayee Sita, Goddess Sita Boy 🖤
♀️ Mythili Goddess Sita Girl 🖤
♀️ Mythily Seeta, Goddess Sita Girl 🖤
♂️ Parthav Goddess Sita Boy 🖤
♀️ Parthavi Goddess Sita Girl 🖤
♀️ Parthivi Sita, Goddess Sita Girl 🖤
♂️ Rampiari God, Ram's Love which is Sita Boy 🖤
♀️ Sia One who Brings Joy, Moving, Help Girl 🖤
♀️ Sita Goddess, Wife of Lord Rama Girl 🖤
♀️ Sitashi Like Goddess Sita, Goddess Sita Girl 🖤
♂️ Sitesh Lord Rama Boy 🖤
♀️ Sivasathi Companion of Lord Shiva Girl 🖤
♀️ Siya Goddess Sita Girl 🖤
♀️ Vachya Blamed, Goddess Sita Girl 🖤
♀️ Vaidhe Goddness Sita Girl 🖤
♀️ Janaknandini Daughter of King Janak Girl 🖤
♀️ Lakshaki Goddess Sita Girl 🖤
♀️ Janaki Priya Goddess Sita (Daughter of king Janak) Girl 🖤

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