Goddess Saraswati Baby Names

27 Goddess Saraswati Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 27 Goddess Saraswati Baby names to name your baby on 2023.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Bharathi King, Indian Boy
Bharati Goddess Saraswati, India, First Boy
Gayathri Goddess, Dancer, Goddess of the Vedas Boy
Gyanada Goddess Saraswati Girl
Hamsini One who Rides a Swan, Goddess Saraswati Girl
Kadambari Goddess, Goddess Saraswati Girl
Mahasweta Goddess Saraswati Girl
Medh Intellect, Goddess Saraswati Boy
Medha Intelligence, Wisdom, Brilliance, Cloud Boy
Pavaki Name of Lord Murugan Girl
Saradha Goddess of Education, Trust, Devotion Girl
Vagdevi Goddess of learning, Saraswati Girl
Vagishwari Goddess Durga, Goddess who Rides Tiger Girl
Vaishnavi Worshipper of Lord Vishnu Girl
Vani Muse, Goddess Saraswati, Speech Girl
Vanishri Goddess Saraswati Girl
Vanmayi Goddess Saraswati Girl
Vidhya Wisdom, Knowledge Boy
Vidya Wise, Knowledge, Learning Boy
Bani Children, Speech, An Orator Boy
Ira Watchful, Wind, Descendants, Vigilant, Alert Boy
Prajna Wise, Supremely Wise, Goddess Saraswati Boy
Mahabhadra Ganga river Girl
Shardambha Goddess Saraswati Girl
Shutradevi Goddess Saraswati Girl
Veenavani Goddess Saraswati Girl

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