Baby Girl Names Starting with I

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Name Meaning Like
Imara Strong, Firm, Stubbornness, Substantially
Imbi Maiden, Virgin
Imelda Universal Battle, Powerful Fighter
Imene Powerful
Imla Whom God will fill up
Immaculada Without Stain, The Immaculate Conception
Immaculata Without Stain, Immaculate
Imme Enclosure, Protection, Universal Fence
Immi One who Pour Water from a Jug
Imogen Innocent, Image of, Maiden, Last-born
Imogene Maiden, Image, Likeness, Innocent, Last Born
Imrana Population, Socialism, Powerful, Prosperous
Imrat Love
Imseera Wise
Imsha Intelligent
Imthithal Polite Obedience
Imtihal Obedience, Polite
Imtinan Gratitude, Thankfulness
Imtisal Obedience, Conforming to
Imtithaal Polite Obedience
Inaara Heavenly Daughter
Inaaya Gift of God, Angel, Gift of Allah
Inaki Warmth feeling
Inakshi Sharp eyed
Inara Light
Inari Place Name for Lake in Finland, Shrimp
Inaxi Name of Star
Inaya Beautiful, Concern, Solicitude, Providence
Inayah Concern
Inayati Kindness
Inbam Capable, Sociability
Inbavalli Happy Girl
Inda The Country India
Indah Beautiful
Indali Powerful