Baby Girl Names Starting with I

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Name Meaning Like
Ieva Life
ifa Keeping Faith, Satisfying
Ifana Joyness
Ifeoma Precious Child, Good, Precious
Ifig Ivy
Iflah Success
Ifra Height, Giving Happiness, Sublimity
Ifrah To Make Happy
Ignazia Ardent, Burning
Igraine Legend Name of Mother of King Arthur
Iha The Earth, Wish, The earth, Desire, Labour
Ihina Enthusiasm
Ihita Desir, Goddess Durga, Fighter, Beauty Queen
Ihitha Desired, Desire
Ihsana Favour, The Best of the Good
Iira The Earth
Ijaya Sacrifice, Offer
Ikman One Mind Heart Mind Soul
Ikra Recite Read, Start
Ikraam Honour, Hospitality, Generosity
Ikrah To Recite
Iksa Sight
Iksha Sight
Ikshita Visible
Ikshitha Visible, Cute, Brilliant
Ikshula Holy river
Ila Earth, Daughter of Manu, The earth
Iladevi Goddess of the Earth
Ilakkiya A Classic, Creativity
Ilamathi Young Moon
Ilana Sunshine, Tree
Ilane Island
Ilanit Tree
Ilaria Cheerful
Ilavarasi Princess
Ilda Heroine in a Battle
Ilde Battle