Baby Girl Names Starting with D

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Name Meaning Like
Daphney The Laurel Tree
Darah Generation
Daralice Beloved
Daralis Beloved
Darbee Park with Deer
Darbey Park with Deer
Darcelle Dark
Darcey Dark
Darci Dark, From Arcy
Darcia Dark
Darcie From Arcy, Dark
Dareen Wise, Feminine Form from the Male Dara
Darelene Tenderly Loved
Darelle Darling, Tenderly Loved
Daria Wealthy, Rich, Nugget of Wisdom
Darielle A Persian Royal Name
Darienne A Persian Royal Name
Darika Maiden
Darina A Persian Royal Name, Gift
Daritree Glow, Earth
Dariya Learned, Wealthy
Dariyah Knowledgeable, Aware
Darja Good Health, Maintain Well, Possess, Good
Darla Darling, Dear
Darleane Darling, From the Old English
Darleen Darling, From the Old English
Darleena Darling, From the Old English
Darlena Darling, From the Old English
Darlene Dear, Little Darling, Beloved
Darlina Darling, From the Old English
Darline Darling, Tenderly Loved
Darmesh Honestly
Darminder Door of the God of Heaven
Darminee Happy, Religious
Darnetta Great, Hidden
Darnisha Great, Hidden
Darolyn Darling, Dearly Loved
Darpanika A small mirror
Darpita Proud