Baby Girl Names Starting with A

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Name Meaning Like
Aakarsha Above everybody
Aakarshika Having attractive power
Aakruthi Shape, Structure
Aakruti Shape, Structure
Aakshi Existence
Aala Bounties
Aalaa Highest
Aalan Normal
Aaleahya Sunshine
Aaleen See Allah Conversation with Iblis in Quran
Aaleyah Exalted, Highest Social Standing
Aalia Exalted, highest social standing
Aalina Nice
Aalisha Protected by God
Aaliya High, tall, towering, excellent
Aalliyah An ascender
Aaloka Lustrous
Aalya Smooth, Soft
Aamaal Hopes, Aspirations, Wishes, aspirations
Aamaya Night rain
Aamber Resembling the jewel, a warm honey color
Aami Powerful
Aamina Mother of Prophet Muhammad (SA), Safe
Aaminah Safe, Secured
Aamira Imperial, Abundant, Inhabited, A princess
Aamisha Pleasing
Aamrapali Leaf of Mango Tree
Aamuktha Non Conquered, Liberated
Aana Young, Food Grain, A woman graced with god
Aanal Fire
Aanandini Blissful, Joyful
Aanandita Purveyor of Joy, Happy
Aanavi One with a Heart Like Ocean
Aanaya Blessed with God, God Gifted
Aani Fatimah Khatoon Female She was a Literary Woman and a Poetess in Qastaniniyah
Aania Mirror
Aanika Durga
Aanisah Young Lady, Maiden, Good natured one
Aaniya Beautiful, Grace, Lord Hanuman
Aanshal Swan like