Baby Girl names starting with 'Yu'

Baby Girl names starting with letter Yu - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Yu, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Yu Xin
Yubhashana Goddess Mahalakshmi, Goddess Maha Lakshmi
Yubina A Flower
Yubleen Bubbly
Yudella Wealthy
Yudelle Wealthy
Yudhjeet Victorious in War
Yugaa Years
Yugalika Famous Poetry
Yugandhra Who is the Queen of the World
Yugantika Stand till the end
Yugdhara Lord Shiva
Yugeshwari Lord of Luck, Goddess of the Universe
Yugitha Goddess Lakshmi
Yugla Name of a Lake
Yugleshwari Lord of Yug
Yugyata Fitness
Yuhisha Path to Heven
Yukako Child of Yuka
Yukasri Fragrant, Friendly blossom (1), Lucky
Yuki Snow
Yukiko Child of Yuki
Yukitha Cute Looking
Yuktasri Brilliant, Naughty
Yuktatma Self connected
Yuktha Absorbed, Attentive, Skilful
Yukthashny Brave
Yukthi Trick, Power, Strategy, Solution by logic
Yukthika Wisdom
Yukti Strategy, Idea, Trick, Solution, A Device
Yuktika Act of Creativity.
Yuktvaa Being absorbed
Yulagamahadevi Young Girl
Yulaganayaki The Earth
Yulia Young, Youthful, Soft Bearded
Yuliana Youthful, Soft Bearded, Youth
Yumai Senseless

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