Baby Girl names starting with 'Y'

Baby Girl names starting with letter Y - 528 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Y, view all 528 names.

Baby Girl names starting with 'Y' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Yamile Good
Yamilix Lady
Yamilla Friendly
Yamille Kind
Yaminah Right and Proper, Suitable, Proper
Yamini Light in the Dark, Night, Nocturnal
Yamna Fortunate
Yamni Night
Yamuna Jamuna River, Holy River, Jamuna river
Yamunarani Jamuna River
Yamuni Nocturnal, Night, River
Yancey Lucky
Yandri Who Loves Everyone
Yangchen The Sacred One
Yangkyi Adorable
Yanika Wild Spirit
Yanira Gift from God
Yanis Blessing
Yanka God is Good
Yanna Lithe as a Swallow
Yansee Yakeen
Yanti Goddess Parvati, Vichar, Thoughts
Yanu Intelligent:gifted:famous
Yaqu Sapphire, Hyacinth
Yaquta Ruby, Precious
Yara Little Butterfly, The Bright Light
Yarah Warm
Yarima Appointed by God
Yasaman Jasmin
Yasamin Jasmine Flower
Yasana Prayer,
Yasasri Gods name of success
Yasaswini Great
Yasemin Jasmine Flower
Yasha Fame, Success
Yashada The One who Gives Success
Yashana A Flower
Yasharah Intelligent, Precious Stone

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