Baby Girl names starting with 'Y'

Baby Girl names starting with letter Y - 528 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Y, view all 528 names.

Name Meaning Like
Yaadwinder Way to Remember, Remembrance
Yaalini Melodious
Yaamini Night or nocturnal (1)
Yaani Scarlet, Ripe
Yaara Light of Dawn
Yaasmin Jasmine Flower
Yachana Pleading, Pray for Something, Entreaty
Yachna Sing, Prathna, Establishes, Pleading
Yad Remembrance
Yadamma Mother of Remembrance,
Yadanar Jewel
Yadavi Goddess Durga
Yadira Friend, Worthy, Suitable
Yadiris Rose
Yadita Silence, Lord of Night, Lord of night
Yadvi Goddess Durga
Yadwiga Bringer of Luck
Yaffa Beautiful, Lovely
Yagini Quiet, Swift
Yagnya Goddess Durga, Ceremonial rites to God
Yahudi Goddess, Jews
Yahva Heaven and earth, Flowing water
Yajah Devotee
Yajaira Form of Yahaira
Yakeen Trust, Belief
Yakin Trust, Belief
Yakshika Gift of God
Yakshini A Yakshini is the female counterpart of the male Yaksha
Yakshita Wonder girl
Yalda Name of the Longest Night of the Year
Yalini Melodious, Music Melodies, Music Name
Yamama Precious, Caring
Yamamah Valley in Arabia
Yamana Pious
Yamee Goddess Durga
Yameenah Right and Proper
Yamika Night
Yamila Beautiful

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