Baby Girl names starting with 'X'

Baby Girl names starting with letter X - 53 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with X, view all 53 names.

Name Meaning Like
Xai Cool
Xallu Defender
Xama Forgiveness
Xami Everything Known
Xanda Insignia
Xandra Defender of Mankind
Xandraya Beauty and Light
Xandrea Light Element
Xandria Metal and Light Element
Xanthe Golden Yellow, Blonde, Yellow
Xanthia Blond, Golden Yellow
Xanthippi Yellow Horse
Xanthy Yellow, Radiance
Xaria Melody
Xaviera Brilliant, New House, Bright, Splendid
Xaviere Smart
Xelia Pretty
Xena Brave
Xeres Nice and Caring
Xery All True
Xia Welcoming, Hospitable, Rosy Clouds
Xiang Fragrance
Ximena She who Hears, God has Heard, Listening
Xina Stylish
Xiomara Famous in Battle
Xipu Skill
Xita Duel Nature
Xiti Beautiful
Xiu Elegant
Xma Gentle and Tolerant
Xue Scholar, Snow
Xyla Dream
Xylia Wood Dweller
Xylo Hope, Sky, Fiercest
Xyra Moon
Xandraea Flowers, Beauty
Xristiana Feminine of Xrist, Grateful

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