Baby Girl Names Starting with Ve

Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter Ve - names available. To find most unique and name, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Veda-Shree Veda means Vedham and Shree means Sriman Narayana
Veda Sree Knowledge or wisdom (1)
Veda Sri Knowledge or wisdom (1)
Veda-Varshini Wisdom, Who Brings Rain
Veda-Varshitha Monsoon
Vedabha Obtained from Knowledge
Vedadharma Good Justice
Vedamantra Memory of the Vedas
Vedamithra Who Knows Vedas
Vedanayagam Original Name of Sita, Knowledge, Pain
Vedangi A part of Vedas
Vedanki Filled with Vedas
Vedankita Peaceful Story
Vedanshi The Scared Knowledge, Knower of Vedas
Vedanti Wisdom, Follower of the Vedas
Vedantika Knowing Vedas
Vedashree Beautiful
Vedashri Beauty of the Vedas, Saraswati
Vedashruti Famous in the Vedas
Vedasini Carrying Wealth, A River
Vedasmriti Love, Affection
Vedasree Vedam, Knowledge /wisdom
Vedasri Beauty of the Vedas, Goddess Saraswati
Vedaswaroopi Name of a Raga
Vedavalli Language of Vedas
Vedavarshita Veda Varshita
Vedavathi Knowledge, Wisdom (1)
Vedavati Informed about the Veda's
Vedavedya Goddess Durga
Vedehi Goddess Sita
Vedeshva A River, Born of the Vedas
Vedha Varshini
Vedham A Truthful Person
Vedhari Goddess Saraswati
Vedhashri Goddess Saraswati or one who knows all Vedas
Vedhavalli Name of God, Name of a God

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