Baby Girl Names Starting with Va

Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter Va - names available. To find most unique and name, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Vaagai Name of a Beautiful Flower
Vaagdevi Goddess of Learning, Goddess Saraswati
Vaagiswari Goddess Saraswathi
Vaagminee Doughter of Goddess Saraswati
Vaahila Name of air
Vaak Speech, The Spoken Word
Vaamaa Come
Vaamaakshee Goddess of Learning, Saraswath
Vaanadhi Milky Way
Vaangmatee Goddess Saraswati
Vaanika Sita
Vaannila The Moon
Vaanusha Rain
Vaapaar Trade, Vocation
Vaarahi Goddess Parvati
vaarida Cloud
Vaaridhi Speech
Vaarijaa Water Born i.e Lotus
Vaarini The one who prevents
Vaarunee The Rain
Vaaruni The Goddess who is the power of Varuna
Vaasaki Goddess Lakshmi,
Vaasantee Spring
Vaasanthi Spring Goddess
Vaasanti Spring Festival, Durga
Vaasava Indra
Vaatika Garden
Vabna Imagination
Vacha Speech
Vachana Oath, Talk
Vachi Goddess Lakshmi, Nectar like speech
Vachya Blamed, Goddess Sita
Vacya Sentence
Vadaanya One of the Qualities of Lord Krishna
Vadhana Face, Bright star
Vadhi Faith, Lord of gods
Vadhu Daughter in Law

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