Baby Girl names starting with V

Baby Girl names starting with letter V - 1234 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with V, view all 1234 names.

Baby Girl names starting with V - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Valeska Splendid Leader, Glorious Ruler
Valiann Lord
Valida Strong
Valina Strong
Valini Stars
Vallabai Beloved
Vallabhi Beloved, Another Name of Lord Krishna
Vallani Most Intelligent Person
Vallaree Strong, Healthy
Vallda Renowned Ruler
Vallee Wife of Subrahmanya
Vallerie Strong, Form of Valerie
Vallery Strong, Form of Valerie
Valliammai Wife of Lord Murugan
Vallika Diamond, Creeper
Vallimayil Goddess Sita
Vally Strong, To be Healthy
Valma Will-helmet, Form of Wilma or Wilhelmina
Valora The Valorous, Courageous
Valorie To be Strong, Form of Valerie, Courageous
Valory Courageous
Valsala Prayer, Good Person, Precious
Valtina Health, Love, Form of Valentina
Vamakshi Beautiful eyes
Vamanie Power of Sky, Land and water
Vamika Goddess Durga
Vamil Beautiful
Vamini The Other / Female Half of God
Vamita Kiran, River, Goddess Parvati
Vamshika Flute
Vamshitha Flute
Vamsilatha Krishna
Vanadevi Goddess of the Forest
Vanadurga Goddess Parvati
Vanaika Loving
Vanaja Daughter of Forest, Forest Girl
Vanajakshi Blue Lotus Eyed, Forest queen
Vanalakshmi Goddes of the Woods
Vanalika Sunflower

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