Baby Girl Names Starting with Tu

Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter Tu - names available. To find most unique and name, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Tua Behind
Tualshi Holy Basil Plant
Tuba Lovable, Happiness
Tubaa Blessedness
Tudi Satisfying
Tue Behind
Tuesday Born on Tuesday, Third Day of the Week
Tufaha Apple
Tufaylah This was the Name of the Freed Slave of Al-waleed Bin Abdullah
Tufool Floods
Tugenda Virtue
Tuhfa A Gift
Tuhi Bird sound
Tuhini Dew
Tuisha First Ray of Moon Falling on Water
Tujita Beautiful
Tulana Compare
Tulasa A Sacred Plant, Tulsi Plant,
Tulayhah Narrator of Hadith
Tuli Painting Brush in Oriya, Fine paint brush
Tulika Artistic, A Paint Brush, Brush
Tulinampoki We are with a saviour
Tulip Flower
Tulsilata Basil Plant, Sacred plant (Basil)
Tulvar Blessed Support
Tulwa Sword
Tumadur Proper Name, Old Arabic Name
Tumpa Happy
Tund Cold, Thanda
Tungi Night
Tuni Shower of Happiness
Tunil Fast, Clever, The mind
Tunisha Night
Tunni Smart
Tupaarnaq Wild herb

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