Baby Girl names starting with 'So'

Baby Girl names starting with letter So - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with So, view all names.

Baby Girl names starting with 'So' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Sobaika Gold
Sobhabati Rich, Goddess Lakshmi
Sobhana Atractive, Splendid, Similar to Shobhana
Sobhitha Beautiful
Sobhonika Good Looking
Sobia Good and Noble
Sobitha Creative,
Sobiya Nurse of Prophet PBUH,
Sochai By Thinking
Sochita Gathering
Soffi Wisdom
Sofi Wise, Wisdom
Sofia Knowledge, Wisdom, Will
Sofie Wisdom
Sofielle Wisdom
Sofina Green Princes, Kind, Helpful
Sofiya Shyness, Good Character
Softy Soft
Sogand Oath, Pledge
Soha Sunrise, A Star, Princess, Star
Sohalia Moon-glow, Moon glow
Sohama Lucky
Sohani Beautiful, A Raga
Soheila Star
Sohinee Beautiful
Sohitha Others Well-wisher
Sohitri Reliable, Willed
Sohni Beautiful
Sohvi Woman of wisdom
Soiree Song
Sojal Sweet, Smart
Sojala Dawn
Sojalaa Dawn
Sojara Daybreak
Sojaraa Daybreak
Sokina Tranquility Devout
Sokkammal Flowering

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