Baby Girl Names Starting with Re

Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter Re - names available. To find most unique and name, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
rea Poppy, Earth, In Greek Myth
Rea Mae
Reanna Combination of Rae and Anna
Reba Fourth, Form of Rebecca, Tied
Rebati Wife of Balaram
Rebeca Tied, Joined, Form of Rebecca
Rebecal Tied, bound
Rebecca Bound, Tied, Captivating, Knotted Cord
Rebeccah One who Snares
Rebecka Form of Rebecca, Tied, Joined, To Tie
Rebeka To Bind, Tied, Joined, Form of Rebecca
Rebekah To Tie, A Quarrel Appeased
Rebekka Blind, Bound
Rebekkah To Bind, Tied, Joined, Form of Rebecca
Rebha Sings praises
Rechal Responsible, Innocent lamb
Recika Lovable
Redha Lover of Krishna, Elf counsel
Redhanya Queen of Jungle, Of the Rainforests
Reeda Favoured by God
Reedhima Goddess Laxmi, Pearl, Lot of Prosperity
Reegan One who Rules, Ruler
Reeha Air, Smell, Destroyer of enemies, Star
Reeham Rain, Little, Light Rain
Reehana Perfume
Reehanshiks Sweet
Reeja Goddess Lakshmi, Good news, Desire, Hope
Reela Beautiful
Reem Gazelle, White Antelope
Reemika A Pure Beauty
Reemsha Bunch of Flowers
Reena Artistic, Gem, Dissolve, Reborn, Cute
Reenadevi Flow, Sated with Drink
Reenika Song
Reepal Love, Merciful or compassionate

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