Baby Girl names starting with 'R'

Baby Girl names starting with letter R - 1833 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with R, view all 1833 names.

Name Meaning Like
Raa Beautiful
Raabia Fourth, A God Name
Raadha Wealth, Success, Lightning, Krishnas Love
Raadhika Lord Krishna's Girlfriend, Form of Radha
Raafiah High, Wealthy, Exalted
Raaga Belongs to music terms, Melody
Raagini A melody, Music, Passionate about Music
Raaisha Leader, Goddess
Raaka Direction, Full Moon
Raakel Ewe
Raakhee A Bond of Love
Raakhi Symbol of protection
Raameen Obedient
raana Of Elegant, Statue, Soft, Lovely, Beautiful
Raanee The Queen
Raani Queen
Raaniya Delighted, Gazer
Raashi The sign of the zodiac, Collection
Raashida Conscious, Pious, Wise, Mature
Raashidah Follower of the Right Path, Pious
Raawiya Transmitter, Story Teller
Raaya Great Behaviour, Never Lies
Raazia Satisfied, Pleased, Willing
Raaziyah Agreed, Willing, Satisfied, Pleased
Rabaab Musical Instrument
Rabail Veil of Flower
Rabani Divine, God's Favourite Child
Rabbab A Musical Instrument
Rabeea Garden
Rabeeah A Bounding in Green Foliage
Rabhya Worshipped
Rabia Famous, Godly, Spring, The Fourth Female
Rabica Neat
Rabiha Winner, Gainer, Fem
Rabika A Precious Stone
Rabita Bond, Link Nexus

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