Baby Girl Names Starting with Pu

Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter Pu - names available. To find most unique and name, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Pu Star
Pubi The wind which passes through east
Puchi Sweet,
Pugazh Fame
Puhazhini Popular
Puhu Name
Puja Worship, Prayer, Idol Worship
Pujayitri Worshipper
Pujeetha To be worshipped
Puji Gentle
Pujika Worshipper
Pujita Prayer, Worshipped
Pujya Srita Lakshmi Devi
Pujyasritha Goddess Lakshmi
Pujysrita Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi
Pulakitha Shivering with Joy
Pulkita Always Smiling, Prasann Mukh, Aanandit
Puloma Wife of the Sage Bhrigu
Pulomi Worshipped
Pulu Flower, Blossom
Puma Complete, Content
Pumima Night of the full Moon
Pummy Innocent, Beautiful, Intelligent, Sharp
Punai Achiever, Eastern, Amusicalraagini
Punam Full Moon
Punarnava A star
Punarnavi Always New
Punarvi New
Punarvika Repeat Again, Star
Pundari Lotus, Holy
Puneetha Pure
Pungodhai Like a Flower
Punguzhali Musical Instrument, Music
Punim Full Moon Night
Punima Full Moon
Punitha Pure, Noble, Love
Punitham Pure Religious

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