Baby Girl Names Starting with Pa

Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter Pa - names available. To find most unique and name, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Paa Flower
Paadini Pleasing Song
Paakhi Bird, Pure
Paalavi First Stanza of Poem
Paanchaalee Another Name of Draupadi
Paanchali Wife of Pandavas
Paarijata Name of Lord Krishna's Favorite Flower
Paarthivi Earth, Daughter of the earth
Paarthvi Wife
Paarul Beautiful, Practical, Kind
Paarvatee Wife of Lord Shiva
Paarvati Goddess Durga
Paatala Goddess Durga, Red in color
Paatalavati Wearing red-color attire
Paavai Beautiful Girl
Paavaki Name of Lord Murugan
Paavani Pure, Purifying, Honey, Lord Hanuman, True
Paavni To Make Pure Something, Knowledge
Paawni Sacred
Paayal Anklet, Type of Jewellery (Leg Chain)
Pabla Little
Pachaiamma Green Girl
Pacholi An Aromatic Oil Used in Perfumery and to Make Attars
Pacquita Free
Padama Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi
Padamavati Goddess Lakshmi
Padamdeep Thousand Billions, Of Regions
Padamjeet Victory of the Lotus
Padhma Lotus
Padhumai Soft, Smooth, Beautiful Girl
Padideh Phenomenon
Padimni Like a Flower
Padma Priya Lover of lotus
Padmaa Draupadi
Padmabati Goddess Lakshmi
Padmadevi Durga Devi
Padmadharini Lotus Holder

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