Baby Girl names starting with 'Ni'

Baby Girl names starting with letter Ni - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Ni, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Ni Blessings
Ni'mah Blessing, loan
Ni'mat Blessings, loans
Ni'ja Saved One
Ni'mah Blessing, Loan, Favour
Ni'mat Blessings, Loans
Nia Intention, Female Champion, Aim, Objective
Niamh Tradition
Niazmina Dear One
Nibandhana Restriction
Nibedita Offered to God
Nibha Resembling, Similar, Like, Brilliant
Nibodhitha Having been enlightened
Nichal Step Forward
Nichele Blend of Nichole and Michelle
Nichelle Victorious Maiden
Nichika Entire, Perfect, Excellent
Nichita Flowing
Nichola Female Version of Nicholas
Nicholas Albarino
Nicholle People's Victory
Nichya Prommissing of Self
Nicika A Great Pleasure, Perfect
Nick Albarino
Nickee Victorious People
Nicki Victory of the People
Nickie Victory of the People
Nickita Covered, Flowing Down
Nickola People's Victory
Nickole People's Victory
Nicola Victory of the People, People's Victory
Nicole Victory of the People
Nicoleta Victory of the People

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