Baby Girl names starting with Ne

Baby Girl names starting with letter Ne - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Ne, view all names.

Baby Girl names starting with Ne - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Nea Newcomer, Lustrous, Goal, Purpose
Nearra Nearest
Neats Nice
Nechama Comfort
Neda Wealthy Guardian, Sanctuary, Voice, Call
Nedda Prosperous Guardian, Feminine of Ned
Nedhya Offering to God
Nedi Feminine of Edward, Wealthy Defender
Nedjma Star
Nedra Below the Earth, Awareness
Nee Beautiful, Goddess Durga, Neeharika
Needa Grace, Favour, Without Guile, Leader
Needah Call, Voice
Neeha Dew Drop, Affection, Diamond, Dew drop
Neehara Dew Drops
Neeja Lily, A Flower,
Neekisha Fresh Air
Neekita Beautiful, Residency, Earth, Victorious
Neekshika Eyes
Neelabja Blue lotus
Neeladevi Goddess Lakshmi
Neelaja River Starting from Blue Mountain Neelparvat
Neelakamatchi Iris, Eyes as Bright as Stars
Neelakanimozhi Dew Drops
Neelakshi Blue-eyed, Blue eyed
Neelambri Blue Sky
Neelangini Wife of Lord Shiva
Neelanjana Blue, One with blue eyes, Blue Eyed
Neelavani A Sapphire
Neelavathi Blue Sea, Blue
Neelaveni One with Long Hair, Name of a Raga
Neelaya Home
Neelesha The Happy Sapphire, Flower
Neelie Champion, Female Version of Neil
Neelima Sky Colour, Blue Sky

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