Baby Girl names starting with N

Baby Girl names starting with letter N - 1758 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with N, view all 1758 names.

Baby Girl names starting with N - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Nagammal Mother of Snake
Nagamuthu The Begining, First
Naganandini Mountain born
Nagarani Queen of Snakes
Nagashree Snake Goddess
Nagasri The Wealth of Serpents
Nagat Sight
Nagaveni Hair Like Snake,
Nageenah Precious Stone
Nageshwari Snake God, King of snakes
Nageswari Goddess of the Mountain, Elephants
Naghma Song, Melody
Naghmah Melody, Sweet Voice, Song
Naghmeh Melody, Tune, Song
Nagia Princess
Nagiah Beautiful
Nagiba Precious Gem
Nagila Best among serpents
Nagina Jewel, Gem, Pearl
Nagini Parvati, Almost perfect, Snake
nagla Wide-eyed
Nagma Diamond, Melodious Song, Beautiful, Geet
Naguleswary Goddess Amman
Nagwa Sweet
Nahad Snow Falling
Nahala Fragrance, Smell
Nahan Beautiful
Nahar Tributary, Day, The day
Naheed Star, Venus, The Planet Venus, Immaculate
Naheeda Big
Naheem Praise Lord
Naher Beautiful Eyes
Nahida Delightful, Elevated
Nahidah Big
Nahiya One who Advises, Adviser
Nahlah A Drink of Water
Naia Flowing
Naida Flowing, Nymph, Water Nymph, River Nymph
Naidhrua Parvati, Almost perfect

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