Baby Girl names starting with 'N'

Baby Girl names starting with letter N - 1758 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with N, view all 1758 names.

Name Meaning Like
Naadhira Blooming, Flourishing
Naadhirah A Bright Face Reflecting Lustre and Freshness
Naadia Hope
Naadira Precious
Naadirah Precious, Rare, Choice
Naadiya Caller, Announcer
Naafiah Beneficial, Advantagious, Useful, Good
Naaheed Elevated, Venus
Naaila Variant of Na'ila, Winner
Naailah Winner, Earner
Naairah Bright, Shining
Naajia Free, Escaped
Naajidah Courageous
Naajiya One who Gets Salvation
Naama Sweetness, Pleasantness, My Delight
Naamah Pleasant
Naarah Young Person
Naari Woman
Naashirah Helper, Friend
Naasiha Advisor, Sincere
Naasima Leader
Naasira Defender, Helper
Naava Beautiful
Naavya Worth praising
Naazima Poetess, Matron
Naazneen Delicate, Belle, Beautiful
Naazreen Wild Rose, Blue Scented Flower
Naba Great News
Nabah Nobel High, Sky, Nobel high, No limit
Nabaha Fame, Nobility, Intelligence, Brightness
Nabanita A New Life
Nabeeha Intelligent
Nabeela Noble, High-born
Nabeelah Noble
Nabhanya Celestial
Nabhitha Fearless
Nabiha Intelligent One, Reliable, Alert, Eminent
Nabihah Intelligent, Noble, Eminent

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