Baby Girl names starting with 'Ma'

Baby Girl names starting with letter Ma - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Ma, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Maab Place to which One Returns
Maadhavi Great Sage Woman
Maahi Beautiful, Love, River, Great earth
Maahiya Someone whom You Love, Joy, Lover
Maahum Moonlight
Maai Mother
Maajida Glorious, Powerful
Maala Garland
Maalika Garland, Jasmine, Daughter, Queen, Owner
Maanami Beautiful
Maanavi Wife of Manu, Born of Man
Maanhitha Together, Conversation with God, Honored
Maansi The One who Gives Peace
Maanvi Kind Hearted
Maanya The quiet one, Worthy of honor
Maanyata Principles, Assumption
Maaria Sea of Bitterness, Wished to Child, Swell
Maarit Sea of Bitterness, The Perfect One
Maariya A Young Dog or Fox
Maarya Fair Complexion, Wife of the Prophet PBUH
Maasma Variant of Ma'sma, Innocent, Infallible
Maathangi Goddess Amman
Maaya Illusion, Goddess Lakshmi
Mabbe Useful
Mabel Lovable
Mabella Lovable, Diminutive of Amabel, Beloved
Mabelle Lovable, Diminutive of Amabel, Beloved
Mabil Happy, Joyful, Creative
Mabile Rules
Mabill Loveable
Mable Lovable, Diminutive of Amabel
Mabrooka Blessed, Prosperous, Abundant
Mabrouka Lucky

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