Baby Girl names starting with Ka

Baby Girl names starting with letter Ka - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Ka, view all names.

Baby Girl names starting with Ka - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Kaadiha Making Efforts, Toiling
Kaahini Youthful, Spirited, Young
Kaajal Mascara, Surma, Muscara Surma, Eyeliner
Kaakalee Glow of Lamp
Kaakali A musical instrument
Kaalaka Durga, Pupil of the Eye, Dark, Fog
Kaalanjari Parvati
Kaalaratri Goddess who is black like night
Kaalika Dark, Fog, Flawed gold, Perfumed, Earth
Kaalikaa Lustrous
Kaama Desired, Cherished, The golden one or Love
Kaamada Generous
Kaamakya Durga, Granter of Wishes
Kaamana Desire
Kaamika Desired, ***
Kaamila Perfect, Complete
Kaamilee Queen
Kaamini Desirable, Beautiful, Affectionate
Kaamit Desired
Kaamita Desired
Kaamiya Beautiful, Capable (1), Sweetheart
Kaamla Perfect
Kaamma Loveble
Kaamodi Exciting
Kaamuna Desired
Kaamya Beautiful, Lovable, Assiduous, Successful
Kaanchana Gold
Kaanchi Brilliant
Kaandhal Attractive
Kaanhavi Goddess of Fortune and Luck
Kaanta Adored, Fragrant, The earth
Kaanti Beauty, Desire, Splendour, Ornament
Kaanuka Gift
Kaaraj Affairs, Marriage
Kaaren Pure
Kaari Pure
Kaarina Blessed, Pure, Holy
KaarKulali With Beautiful Black Hair
Kaarthika Sun Rice, Karthik
Kaarthisha Glow

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