Baby Girl names starting with 'Ir'

Baby Girl names starting with letter Ir - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Ir, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Iraa Pleasing
Iraavatee Desired
Iradat Wish, Desire, Intention
Irahneek Strong Ambitious Beautiful
Iraimani Divine Gem
Iraira The Most Beautiful in the Whole World
Iraivi Goddess Saraswati, Earth
Iran Iran, The Land of Aryans
Irandokht Daughter of Iran, Iranian Girl
Iranshi Part of Earth
Irdina Pride
Ireen Peace
Ireene Joyful Song, Peaceful
Irem Garden in Heaven
Iren Peace
Irena Peace
Irene Peaceful, Palm Tree, A Piece
Irenee Peace
Irfana Thankfulness, Brilliant
Irfaque Self
Iria Colorful, Rainbow, From the Name Iris
Iriana Peace, Greek Goddess of Peace
Irie Happy, Carefree, Blissful
Irijaya Victorious Wind
Irika Dimunitive for the earth
Irine Peace
Irini Peace
Iriny Peace
Iris Rainbow, Flower, Radiance, Peace
Irisa Iris, Rainbow
Irit Daffodil
Irka Peace
Irmela Whole, Universal, Complete
Irmeli Universal, Complete
Irmelin Universal, Complete
Irmgard War Goddess, Universal, Complete
Irmina War Goddess, Universal, Complete
Irmine Universal, Complete, War Goddess

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