Baby Girl names starting with 'I'

Baby Girl names starting with letter I - 687 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with I, view all 687 names.

Name Meaning Like
Iamar Moon
Ianat Assistance, Help, Aid
Ianna God is Gracious, Female Version of Ian
Iantha Violet Coloured Flower, Violet Flower
Ianthe Violet Coloured Flower, Violet Flower
Iba Pride, Disdain
Ibadah Worship
Ibbani Fog, Honey dow, Honey Dew
Ibha Hope, Elephant
Ibna Gift
Ibolya Violet
Ibrah Wisdom, Advice
Ibtehaj Joy, Delight
Ibtesam Smile
Ibthaj Joy
Ibtihal Supplication, Prayer
Ibtisama Smile
Ibtissem Smile
Iccha Wish, Desired
Icha A Wish in Our Mind
Ichha Wish, Desire
Idaia Active, Kind
Idaleen Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking
Idalene Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking
Idalia Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking
Idalie Active, Kind
Idalina Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking, Labor, Work
Idaline Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking
Idalya Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking
Idalyne Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking
Idavida Scholar
Idaya The Beauty of World, Heart

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