Baby Girl names starting with 'Gu'

Baby Girl names starting with letter Gu - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Gu, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Guddi Doll
Gudi Sweet, Doll
Gudia Doll, Excellence
Gudiya Doll
Gudrun Battle, Who Knows the Secrets of Battle
Gudruna Battle, Divine Knowledge, Friend in War
Guendolen White Wave, Wanderer, White Ring
Guenivere Fair One, White Lady
Gufrina Innocent
Guhapriya Simply
Guhika Voice of Birds
Guida Guide
Guinevere Fair One, White and Smooth, Soft
Guiseppina Jehovah Increases, God will Multiply
Guita Kind of Song
Guiti World, Universe
Gul-Badan Beautiful Body Resembling Rose
Gul-Bahar Rose Spring
Gul-Bano Princess of Flowers
Gul-Barg Rose Petal
Gul-Chehra Beautiful as Flower
Gul-Izar Rosy-cheeked
Gul-Mehtab Moon Like Flower
Gul-Mina Lovely Flower
Gul-Nasreen Forest Flower
Gul-Panrha Flower Petal
Gul-Ru Rosy-faced
Gul-Rukh Rose-face
Gul-Warin One who Sprinkles Flower
Gulaab Rose, Flower
Gulabi Colour Name, Rose-coloured
Gulabsah Blooms Like Flower, Soft Like Flower
Gulafsha Flavour Rain
Gulafshan Flower
Gulala Gorgeous

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