Baby Girl Names Starting with Gi

Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter Gi - names available. To find most unique and name, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Gi Flower
Gia Life, God is Gracious, God Gifted, Heart
Giacinta Hyacinth Flower
Giada Jade, Precious Green Stone
Giana God is Gracious
Gianina God is Gracious
Gianleen One Absorbed in Divine Light
Gianna God is Gracious
Giannina God is Gracious
Gianpreet One who Loves the Divine Knowledge
Gidget Small Girl
Gifty Gift
Gigi Brilliant, Trusted, Earth Worker, Maid
Giinni Precious Gold Coin
Gila Eternal Joy, Joy
Gilah Eternal Joy
Gilani Happiness
Gilberta Hostage, Shining Pledge
Gilberte Trusted, Shining Pledge, Pledge Bright
Gilbertina Shining Pledge
Gilbertine Shining Pledge, Bright
Gilda Golden, Covered with a Thin Layer of Gold
Gildan Golden
Gili Eternal Joy
Gilia Eternal Joy
Gilian Servant of Saint John
Giliana Youthful
Gillian Youthful, Child of the Gods
Gillien Young
Gillot Youthful, Jove's Child, Sweet Heart
Gilly Shining Pledge, Bright, Famous
Gim Lovely
Gina Well Born, Race of Women, Powerful Woman
Gincy Glory, Stylish
Ginette Of the Race of Women, White Wave
Ginevra Juniper Tree, White, Smooth, Soft

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